Part of the reason that I haven’t posted a new entry on this blog for so long is that I have debated for longer than a year over whether or not this blog that I have had since 2005 can evolve into whatever I want it to be next. Clearly, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to give it a shot.

I do not want my WordPress to go the way of my Xenga, Live Journal, or Blogspot. This one really meant something to me and I want to keep it around, even if the skill in former posts is lacking and not quite where I want this new blog to go.

The previous title of my blog was “Who Shot JFK? A blog with absolutely no answers…to anything.” This was really hilarious to me back then. Now it feels a bit juvenile and silly, which is fine, but not quite where I want to be now. I chose the title “Back Before Breakfast,” which is subject to change, because it is a line from one of my favorite books of all time, The Time Traveller’s Wife:

“Why in the world would you want to marry such a person? Think of the children you would have! Popping into next week and back before breakfast!”

I don’t know why, but that quote always tickled me. I also have a deep affinity for that book, and a deeper loathing of the film.

With that. I return!




My big Tv spot debut! I am sooooooo good at being quiet and turning to the side and smiling sometimes!

Click here to watch the ridiculousness!

To Put It Simply:

I have started a large undertaking in trying to re-watch the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was obsessed with this show when I looked like this:

And I have had the desire lately to reconnect with parts of myself from the past. Partially I just want to see if it is as entertaining of a show now as I thought it was then. So far, it is.

What has really struck me as interesting about the show is remembering how much of an escape it was for me as a kid. I had more of a desire to put things in a box of “good” or “bad” and “right” or “wrong”. In the World of Buffy, bad things don’t just happen, they are caused by unexplainable evils! There is an escapist mentality that makes it easier to deal with hard life situations. For example, an abusive mother that tries to impose her idea of what her child should do turns out to be a witch that has switched bodies with her daughter in order to relive her glory days as a teenager. A girl who can’t deal with her mom dating again doesn’t have to, because the guy her mom is dating turns out to be a killer robot whose ass she gets to kick.

All of the things that were difficult as a teenager are dealt with in fantastical ways that make it easier to understand why life was so confusing then. Sometimes a world with vampires, demons and witches, makes more sense than the one that we actually live in.

Just some food for thought.


We are just shy of one year since my last post on this blog, and honestly I think it was needed. There has been a creative fire burning in my free time and I have such a desire to put it somewhere. We will start small; blog entries here and there, thoughts, hopes, humor.

I think it all blew up and got too hard to manage, 3 blogs, several social networking sites, blahg! Blog!

I bid hello again to you…

For now:

For now, I have started a new blog. It is light and it’s postings are mainly reposted from things I find around. This suits me right now and I enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it:

Click here to check out my new blog

My journal of 3 1/2 years has turned from a mixed bag of thoughts and wondering what to do with blank space to a thoughtful collection of art, poetry and embarrassing thinking that I care not to share with anyone, most anyone. Anyway, tonight I am reaching my final pages (2, count them, 2 left) and I have created some things that I truly love. Doodles, yes, but lovely doodles. I feel better, lighter, complete-er?

and I may have watched this more than 3 times in a row: